Bull Creek Fish Camp Restaurant in Bunnell - Bull Creek Fish Camp

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At Bull Creek Fish Camp Restaurant, we prepare every dish with the best, fresh ingredients and a bushel of Southern Love and serve them with true Southern Hospitality.  Our menu offers traditional Southern fare, sometimes with a deliciously unique twist.

“Our Mission at the Bull Creek Fish Camp is to Ensure that Our Guests are Provided Excellent Food and Outstanding Service in a Warm, Down Home Atmosphere.  To Treat Our Guests and Employees Like Family and With the Respect They Deserve and to Promote, Foster and Encourage Responsible Ecotourism Throughout Flagler County, Dead Lake, Bull Creek Park and the Communities We are Privileged to Serve."

-The Zwirn Family, Owners of Bull Creek Fish Camp, Bait & Tackle


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Monday & Tuesday:  CLOSED

Wednesday - Thursday
7 am to 2 pm

Friday - Sunday
7 am to 3 pm
(with breakfast running until noon)
Our menu will be condensed some due to supply chain issues. There are a vast number of items that we make from scratch which either ingredients or the proteins are unavailable or simply so cost prohibitive that we can’t justify buying them and charging what we would have to charge to stay open. But we will have very creative chefs specials brought to you by our own Hailey Jankowski!

Thanks for understanding.
We love y'all and hope
to see you at the CREEK!

You can get to there by land:

  • From SR 100 take CR 305 to CR 2006 turn right and stop just before you hit the water!
  • From SR 11 turn right on CR 304 turn right on to CR 305 and left on to CR 2006 and again stop just before you hit the water!

By water:

Come into Dead Lake from Crescent Lake. Stop just before you enter the mouth of Bull Creek and tie up to the slips out back of the facility.

Monday & Tuesday:  CLOSED
Wednesday - Friday  7 am to 2 pm
Saturday - 7 am to 4 pm
Sunday  7 am to 4 pm
(with breakfast running until noon)

Thanks for understanding.
We love y'all and hope
to see you at the CREEK!
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